If You Want to Succeed, Think About Self-Growth First

We do not just experience success; we work for it. It does come at a high price. We have to make sacrifices and get better at what we do. Every successful man and woman in life did something and stood out. More people bought it, subscribed to it, engaged and associated themselves with it. Success is therefore by far what we are made of and only through self-growth can we succeed. You must be asking, what is self-growth? I am happy to say you can take it as it is, just improving every physical and latent thing that makes you the person you are.  Before you succeed, you need to figure this out first.

What Makes Self-Growth?

Sometimes we say it could be an overhaul of every part in us that is not good for my success. Could be replacing it with something else. Specifically, we need to develop personal selves. But first, what does self-growth look like?

There Is No Self-Growth Without Goals

Someone once said that desire is prayer. Before you know what you want, there is nothing you are working for. You need to focus your mind on something and work towards achieving it. We develop ourselves in preparation to achieve specific goals.

We Need Habit

Commitment or discipline is directly proportional to success in life. Success is the question of everyday activities, the widely spoken about ten thousand hours by Malcolm Gladwell. We have to spend time growing the right things, make them habits, develop an expert out of ourselves so we can stand out as the best and smell the success before it even comes. Do not focus on doing the wrong things, things that will only bring you failure.

The Mind in Shape

The central nervous controls every aspect of our life. If you want anything that depicts success then you have to be positive about it; think about it positively. Everybody says it, every day it all starts with a positive thought to get a positive result. You do not get what you do not want; if you ever wished to succeed, then you had to think about it. Architects are known for the way they bring out thoughts into reality. If they have the wrong design, then expect a weak structure. They, however, know they need to keep it clean and beautiful and attractive and they think of the structure in such positive ways that the only result they get is a good one. Positive think makes one of the critical pillars of self-growth and finally success.

Self-Growth Works Well With Productivity

Every effort we put in life so that we can succeed hugely depends on our productivity. Some people go to the gym every day and come out not as lean as they wanted. They could be doing the wrong things, and all that success is not being achieved because the efforts are not geared towards success. If we are to experience success, the energy we seek has to be gathered in the most productive ways.

Important Self-Growth Efforts

From the above, we now know what makes self-development. The list goes on, but the above should keep you in the right state of mind to achieve strategies for your self-growth. The strategies are as below:

  • Important Self-Growth Efforts

An average CEO is said to read an average of 2 books every month. The big question is, “ how many do you read?” Warren Buffet once said, “it is only in reading that I find what is missing. Success is about standing out. People see uniqueness, therefore, work towards giving them that. Reading will fill in the missing gaps physically, spiritually, and mentally and set you on the right path to success.

  • You Need a Mentor

Every day you will work, and there will be no one that notices you. They say it takes a king to see a king. You need someone to make you noticeable. Get someone in the field you are interested in and request them to be your mentor. A  mentor can make your smarter, sharper, shrewder and more confident. You will be ready for anything the job throws at you and success will be all that you can experience. In case you have struggles in finding a mentor, you can read this future plans and goals essay, it might be helpful for someone who try to figure everything out but on their own.

  • You Need Good Communication Skills

If you can write, work on your speech and vice versa. The easier people find it to understand what you say there higher the chances they can count on you. Every day at work you will engage with people; they will give you tasks and will want to know how you will respond. Every time they will gauge you against your articulate supervisor. Will you be able to fit in his shoes?

From the above, that success is a result of what we are made of. The more adequate and resourceful we are, the higher our chances of success. Work towards improving thy self and success will be a step closer. Ask and research on how you can improve yourself to succeed.


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