Exploring Dream Control Methods in Essays

The ability to control your dreams is a rather new topic that we have to explore when writing, so to say. A couple of years ago, few to no people knew a lot about lucid dreaming, for example.

However, nowadays, almost everyone out there tried to make themselves lucid dream at least once! Truth be told, it’s not easy – just as writing an essay on this particular topic. Still, this doesn’t mean that this is impossible.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can explore and talk about the methods used to control dreams in essays and papers. If you have other topics in mind, then you can rely on custom research paper writing services to tackle a particular topic properly.

The Inception

When talking about something as abstract as dreams and ways to control them, it is better if you start with the aspects of the topic that everyone knows and understands.

For example, instead of talking about lucid dreaming or REM sleep, make sure you remember those reading your article how dreams usually are – and how most of us can never remember what we dream.

In short, make sure that you have a starting point from where you can later split your essay and talk about the three major methods of dream control.

The Importance of Dream Control

After introducing your readers to a tad more about the world of dreams – statistics, facts, and so on -, you can talk about why people feel the need to control their dreams.

Because if we wouldn’t, then we have no reason to rely on methods to control our dreams and simply dream.

For example, you can point out how some people may experience seizures when they can’t tell the difference between dream and reality. As such, they wake up mid-seizure, with convulsions, and with no explanation as to why this happened.

On the other hand, it has been shown that being able to control your dreams makes you dream better, so to speak – or dream of what you want for better sleep. It is well known that most people who dream bad wake up tired or overcome by a feeling of uneasiness.

Reality Testing

This is one of the methods through which you can control your dreams. As its naming points out, all one has to do – either while dreaming or awake – is to check their surrounding reality in order to determine if they’re sleeping or not.

The most common way to reality-test a dream is by knocking on objects. If you can knock and feel the surface with your hand, then you are awake. On the other hand, if you pass through an object or fail to hear a noise, then you’re sleeping.

Ultimately, reality testing can help you further control your dreams if you realize that you’re dreaming. From the moment you know you’re in a dream, you can freely control it.

Wake Back to Bed

You can describe this second method to your readers as interrupted sleep followed by a short period of staying awake and then return to sleep.

Here, you’ll have to describe the concept behind REM sleep, also known as the enigmatic state of sleeping – when one’s muscles are paralyzed, and dreaming is more likely.

Between the two periods of sleep mentioned above, it is essential that one forces themselves to stay awake. Therefore, when they go back to sleep, they’ll have a hard time discerning dreams from reality.

Lucid Dreaming

As this is the most popular method of controlling your dreams, it is better if you save more of your essay to talk about it. It is very similar to wake back to bed – only, in this case, when you go back to sleep, you consciously intend to remember that you are dreaming when you fall asleep.

Here, you can talk about the effects that the power of thought and of will have on our dreams – on something that we can’t usually control.

The Bottom Line

Dreams and dreaming are quite abstract, and you should mention this throughout your essay – a couple of times at least. This is mainly because the mentioned methods don’t always work and/ or cannot be easily performed.

Overall, your essay should cover the three methods and their peculiarities, as well as the facts that keep dreaming the same, even if one wants to control it. Lastly, don’t forget to mention that such methods are used to simply enhance the action of dreaming so that one can enjoy dreams more – and control them as well.

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