5 Branches of Psychology to Choose a Topic for Your Research Paper

Psychology is a broad subject, and it can be tricky when your instructor gives you the liberty to choose a topic. A topic is one essential part of a research paper as it determines the resources you will use and your mood. A boring topic will put you off before you even start.

A broad topic can overwhelm you, and a narrow one can limit you as you do the research. Here are five branches of psychology you can choose a topic from.

  • Physiological Psychology

Physiological psychology focuses on human biological makeup and its relationship to experience and behavior. As one of the fields in psychology, it can offer you a practical approach when it comes to discussing an essay topic.

Some topics you can write about are how love affects the physiology of the brain, or how gender determines physiological differences in their brains. You can also write how sensation and perception are different among individuals. You could also dwell on the role of feel-good hormones, serotonin, and dopamine on the mood, among other topics.

  • Mental Health

Mental health has an impact on how individuals live. It affects physical health, relationships, and day-to-day living. It is a broad field that if you choose a topic from it, you will have enough information for your research.

You can write about several topics on mental health. It could be the types and symptoms of dementia or obsessive-compulsive disorder and its influence on behavior. You could also touch on how depression is triggered by environmental factors or how ADHD impacts life quality.                 

  • Social psychology

Social psychology tackles both aspects of psychology and sociology sciences. Social psychology looks at why people behave the way they do as a result of interacting with others. It is an interesting subject to choose a topic to write about in your psychology research paper.

You can write topics on discrimination, self-perception, how being in a group can change one’s behavior. If you, however, feel overwhelmed, you might think that you can pay someone to do my homework so just go for it and place your order. You may have a tight schedule that cannot allow you to focus on writing your paper. Asking for help is always a good idea.

Your order will be confidential, and no one can tell that you did not write the paper. The writers are former elite students who know what lecturers are looking for in a psychology paper. Some are retired professors and know what is required in a research paper; thus, you can rest assured you will earn good grades.

  • Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology deals with how humans develop from conception, infancy, adolescence, and into adulthood. It is an interesting subject to get a topic to write on for your paper.

You can tackle topics such as child abuse and its impact later in life, old age, and psychological changes it causes. You can also touch on why ignoring a child’s needs can affect them as adults. Another topic could be the midlife crisis in women and men or mirror tests in animals and children.

  • Criminal Psychology

When choosing a topic in criminal psychology, you need to look at various perspectives. For instance, you can research a topic about the differences between adult and juvenile criminals. You can delve into why there needs to be an integration system for criminals after serving their time in prison.

You can also choose to discuss how the whole crime preparation process can tell about an individual’s personality. Discuss the common patterns of serial killers’ personality traits that can help predict criminal behaviors and what psychological factors lead to criminal behavior. These are some topics you can write in your psychology paper.


The key to finding a psychology paper topic is choosing a narrow subject that will not overwhelm you. You first need to choose one branch of psychology then write on one of its many topics.

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